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Our Story

In 1938 Roy Kersten established a saw mill in Wittenberg, WI. It wasnt until a substantial fire in 1977 that forced his son Philip Butch R. Kersten to move the operation to Birnamwood. Starting over with the purchase of state of the art equipment, Butch made the decision to manufacture flooring and other wood components for the building industry. In 1981 Kersten Lumber Company purchased dry kilns to aide in the ever increasing demand for wood flooring. Currently Kersten Lumber produces a semi-truck load per day of several species of wood in varying widths for Woodstock Hardwood Flooring as their exclusive store front. Kersten being a micro mill opposed to a macro mill runs their equipment at a much lower speed allowing their grading specialists to make a better selection of each board that goes into your floor. "All distributors are searching for "consistency" more than anything, from milling and color of lumber, to service provided by our people, and we feel that we can provide that consistency", Philip Kersten Jr.